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Donald Zolan

About the Artist

Donald Zolan's spontaneous and original approach to painting young children has allowed him to achieve commercial and critical success. Imagery based on his paintings have been featured on collectors plates, lithographs, books, calendars, personal checks and dozens of other products. Donald Zolan lives with his wife and business partner, Jennifer at his New England home studio.

Approach, Style & Influences

Zolan brings together many techniques and influences with his childhood compositions. Zolan often uses light as a unifying force in his paintings, to emphasize how bright the world is to a child. He mixes his own oils to achieve the bright, vivid colors represented in his many outdoor scenes.

With Zolan's Pemberton & Oakes paintings, the realism seen in the main subject matter (the children) contrasts sharply with the backgrounds, where much or all detail is omitted or de-emphasized. Several techniques are involved in the backgrounds, including the method of rapid paint application of the Impressionists or Abstract Expressionists. One result is exceptionally simple pictures with high visual impact.

Awards and Honors

- Collector Editions Magazine Award of Excellence (multiple awards)

- Plate World Magazine Favorite Living Plate Artist of the Year Award (multiple awards)

Licensing Resources

- Online Image Database - Donald Zolan's Pemberton & Oakes' paintings

- What's New - Current News about Donald Zolan

Books Featuring Donald Zolan (Direct Links to*

- Donald Zolan's Paintings of Early Childhood, by John Hugunin (Pemberton & Oakes, 1984)

- Donald Zolan's Oil Paintings of Early Childhood, by John Hugunin (Pemberton & Oakes, 1988)

- Donald Zolan's Originals On Early Childhood, by John Hugunin (Pemberton & Oakes, 1991)

- Donald Zolan Christmas Book, by Donald Zolan and Katherine Trotti (Pemberton & Oakes, 1991)

- Magic Moments/Donald Zolan Story Book, by Donald Zolan (Pemberton & Oakes, 1988)

- Book of Blessings, by Donald Zolan (Antioch Publishing, 1994)

* Several of these books are out of print and may be difficult to obtain.

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