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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does Pemberton & Oakes manufacture products based on the artwork it licenses?
A: Pemberton & Oakes does not currently manufacture products based on our art. However we license this art to companies who manufacture beautiful, high-quality products of all types, many of which are available through our Online Store. If you are interested in finding products based on our artwork, we would be happy to put you in touch with manufacturers who do produce them. Check our Licensing and Products section for more about our growing network of licensees.
Q: I own Donald Zolan collectibles produced by Pemberton & Oakes. How do I sell them or obtain their values?
A: To locate Donald Zolan collectibles secondary market information, try the Collectors’ Information Bureau. Additional listings for secondary market values can be found in publications such as Collector Editions. Secondary market Zolan items are bought and sold through Internet auction sites such as eBay!. Amazon.com and collectibles.net also list some Zolan products.
Q: I am an artist considering licensing my artwork. Do you have any online resources regarding art licensing?
A: You can check our Artists’ Corner, and even post questions to the Online Artists’ Forum, a peer-to-peer meeting place for those involved in or considering licensing.
Q: How do I submit my artwork to Pemberton & Oakes?
A: We accept both digital and non-digital submissions. Prior to submitting, check our Art Submittal Guidelines page for information on how to submit artwork to us for licensing consideration.

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