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Pemberton & Oakes' childhood imagery lends itself to many licensed product applications:

Donald Zolan is widely recognized as America’s premiere painter of early childhood. Pemberton & Oakes worked with Zolan to create paintings of children beginning in the 1970’s for applications to collectible products, including collector plates, figurines, dolls, prints and many others. Many of the paintings Zolan created for Pemberton & Oakes have earned wide acclaim in the collectibles industry, and have been successfully adapted to the giftware and publishing industries. To this day, Zolan’s Pemberton & Oakes images continue to perform well for companies that use them as part of their licensing strategies.

Pemberton & Oakes established Zolan’s home gallery in Santa Barbara, California in 1985. Then as now, Zolan’s artwork focused on “ordinary children doing ordinary things”, and evoked a huge response from collectors as well as companies wanting to put these sales-generating images to work for them. As many of these companies discovered, the broad appeal of Zolan’s artwork bridges across a wide range of product categories.

Zolan has achieved important stature in the licensing field and has gained many accolades from respected licensing publications, both as an artist and for the numerous derivative products created using his imagery.

Featured Imagery